Apple iPhone Announcement and how world reacted to it

By this time ,a billion posts would have been made about new iPhone announcement and analyzing every bit of even remotely minute information.

So this is just to relax.


WWDC: iOS6 showcased

  • OS looks so stale , nothing refreshing! It always show a bright 73  C .
  • No widgets,no live tiles ,no improvement to notifications ?
  • Android miles ahead. Has Apple lost mojo ? Why they have not tried anything new in last few years.
  • Apple has grown too large that it is afraid to fail and is following the ‘why fix when nothing is broken’ strategy.
  • Skeuomorphism  is so over rated, Windows flat design is the future.
  • No big innovation


WWDC: iOS7 showcased

  • Oh my god ,colors are too bright and playful for my taste. iOS7 is gay cousin of iOS6?
  • They have stretched flat design too much.
  • Those icons look really bad , they should go back to old icons.
  • All those people who are used to earlier OS will find it very difficult to learn this hideous flat design.
  • iOS playing catch up
  • No big innovation


iPhone 5 showcased.

  • Apple is making 4 inch screen only ? It looks pretty similar to iPhone 4S.
  • How can they live with selling one phone alone every year.Their product cycle is limited and losing market share for lack of variety.
  • Only available in 2 colors , others are coming with playful and colorful designs. No improvement in hardware specs.
  • No big innovation


iPhone 5C showcased.

  • Oh my god, its too costly for plasticky phone.
  • Why have they copied colorful designs from Nokia Lumia ? And similar color shades as well?
  • How on earth is it cheap for countries like China and India.
  • Want iPhone5 , missing it badly.
  • How can Apple reduce bill of materials cost by moving from aluminum to plastic but then do not pass on benefit to customers?
  • No big innovation

iPhone 5S showcased

  • Finger print sensor ?NSA is going to come after you.  
  • Who uses 64 bit desktop architecture in mobile?
  • No big innovation


iPhone 6C launched at cheaper price. 

  • Apple made terrible mistake by changing from premium to value for money,it’s going to hurt their margins.
  • iPhones are no longer signature items,their USP was un-affordability which is lost now.
  • No big innovation

Meanwhile Samsung launches 5.99 inches phone now 

  • Oh my god , this phone is too big. When will Samsung stop this throw everything in wall and find whats sticking approach ?
  • Plasticky phones , no way….

Steve Jobs from heaven 

Thank God,I escaped all those years from scrutiny of media and fans between year I invented iPod in 2001 to re-inventing iPhone 2007.

One more thing from Steve  Jobs to Tim Cook : That ‘I cracked Apple TV’ line that was a gimmick just to woo and recruit you as  CEO. He he…

No doubt , Apple is doomed.


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