Apple iPhone Announcement and how world reacted to it

By this time ,a billion posts would have been made about new iPhone announcement and analyzing every bit of even remotely minute information.

So this is just to relax.


WWDC: iOS6 showcased

  • OS looks so stale , nothing refreshing! It always show a bright 73  C .
  • No widgets,no live tiles ,no improvement to notifications ?
  • Android miles ahead. Has Apple lost mojo ? Why they have not tried anything new in last few years.
  • Apple has grown too large that it is afraid to fail and is following the ‘why fix when nothing is broken’ strategy.
  • Skeuomorphism  is so over rated, Windows flat design is the future.
  • No big innovation


WWDC: iOS7 showcased

  • Oh my god ,colors are too bright and playful for my taste. iOS7 is gay cousin of iOS6?
  • They have stretched flat design too much.
  • Those icons look really bad , they should go back to old icons.
  • All those people who are used to earlier OS will find it very difficult to learn this hideous flat design.
  • iOS playing catch up
  • No big innovation

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