You are not the customer but product being sold !

Rewind back to circa 2000. That was the time internet was growing rapidly. You create new e-mail accounts in Hotmail or Yahoo . It is rather amusing now to think about it  when Yahoo provides upgrade offer for mail box limit to be increased to 5 mb or 10 mb etc for quite few dollars.

Flickr will let you upload photos until some X mb only for free. After that,you need to upgrade to Professional account for a fee.

Then Gmail was launched and all hell broke loose. You get nearly unlimited storage or at least 1 gb of storage. It was a revolution at that time because  our hard disk capacity in desktop itself was limited to 20 GB. Same is with Picasa,upload literally unlimited photos . Today Facebook lets you upload zillion photos for free , Google provides  free video chat to all and helps you build your relationship online for free.

So the only question is why Google or Facebook giving the storage free or  their service free online ? What are they getting out of it ?

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Facebook has a cool billion users now

Source:Android Authority

A Million Users Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Users.

Few days back Facebook touched 1 billion active users. Quite an achievement I should say. Facebook is now becoming the benchmark on how social networking will be measured in future. Leaving aside the privacy and advertising avenues that are a concern , following are the things that Facebook has achieved in a big way.

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Dear Mobile Carriers, Voice is Dead,Data is the future

Dear Carriers, Come what may – Customer is always the boss. Listen to your customer and save millions on consulting fees.This is 101 basics on managing and engaging customer.

Airtel ,a major player in India is currently re-structuring their business and know what , they are making it customer centric .Quoting from the article

This new vision, outlined till 2015, has seen Bharti erect a new organizational structure that pivots around the consumer, not its many businesses.

Then what the hell were you doing for the past 10 years being in business ? You paid some consultancy millions of dollars to understand what is your problem when in reality your  customer is running behing the customer care  through mails and in social networks crying out  for help.

Voice is Dead , Data is the Future

It is weird but the present generation will not use phones to make voice calls any more. You have cap on sms limit  ? People are using FB chat , iMessage , BBM or other chat platform to text each other while you are busy sorting out intelligent sms plans for local , national and international.


Understand technology  landscape and how fast it is changing: Repeat after me : Voice is dead , Data is the new ‘in thing’. So stop playing cheap tricks . When most of us do not require 500 free voice mins. a month , you provide this offer . And people want to use data but you restrict them with pricey plans.

Have you ever thought about users who want minimum voice and more data ? This is what Amazon has to say on buying their tablets : “We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.”

 Earn your profit when customer use your service and is really benefitted rather than trying to fleece customers for the service people hardly use.

In this day of Skype , Google  chat/hang out and other video chat, people have already or slowly migrating to cheaper free technology . You can no longer charge people for expensive ISD or STD calls.

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