How Google,Facebook are killing start-ups and hurting innovation?

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung caught major news attention. While a lot of them supported Samsung claiming Apple was hampering the pace of innovation  by means of patent and IP violation which fundamentally restricts consumer choices, there is an other side of the story that is worth reading that can highlight why copying actually kills innovation.

It is very difficult and vague to define what is an innovation. Also in the software arena , it is complex enough for every one to agree what forms a legal patent these days. Gone are the days when it was considered shameful by big companies to copy their competitor’s product as such.

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Top Internet and Mobile Technology Trends from 2012

As we come to the end of 2012 , it’s high time we analyze how much technology – both web and mobile technology has evolved in the past one year.

1. Predictive analytics – Google Knowledge Graph and Google Now 

This year we saw the debut of Google Glass , the next big step in digital consumer technology in the post smart phone era.Much has been written about the potential to do a lot of wonderful things. And the wealth of information  that can make this glass really awesome rests with predictive analytics technologies Google Now and Google Knowledge Graph.

predictive analytics


While Google Knowledge Graph tries to establish relationships with every single object or person or place in this universe so that any search query can be provided with the most accurate response , Google Now does the work of predictive analytics that can provide with information that are relevant without the need for even a prompt.

These too are a killer combination : having the most accurate information on one hand and getting to understand the context and provide the information based on relevance will be the best digital assistant any user can dream of.The success of Google glass from the data and accuracy stand point will solely rely on Google Now and Knowledge Graph.

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Analysis of GOSF – Great Online Shopping Festival 2012

The whole online world in India was abuzz with excitement after Google announced ‘GOSF‘ Great Online Shopping Festival – a 24 hour shopping window  to provide a first hand experience and encourage first time online shoppers to do online shopping with great offers and deals in collaboration with major e-commerce players in India like Flipkart, HomeShop18, IndiaTimes and eBay.

Many of us were expecting black friday,cyber monday like great deals but were disappointed with deals not being good enough to entice purchases.

Google claims that GOSF is a great success with some incredible traffic and sales data provided by various e-commerce sites.But the general sentiment with people online especially in the social media sites like Twitter is that people were not very impressed with the online deals.

But instead of getting into the discussion of whether GOSF was a success , let us try to understand some of the basics of GOSF !

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How bad IT systems can hurt your business ?

Big corporations spend a lot of money marketing their products.But once you are a customer , their support systems are rather pathetic.The perfect example could be of the big network operators in India like Airtel and Vodafone who are often found guilty of providing pathetic customer service.

#AirtelSucks is a very famous hash tag used in the twitter space where in users rant about the poor customer service. This is not a good news for the business.

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