How to choose a Smart Internet TV?

You have been looking for that one super cool smart tv for so long and you are in the final stages of deciding to buy a TV . There are a lot of feature comparison that you would have made on different TV and their features and specifications . While most  mainly concentrate on Display , Sound quality , myths about LED vs LCD vs Plasma and whether smart tv are that smart , you may need to check if your new tv  has really smart  features that will help you connect to internet easily and make your streaming  easy in such a way that it is relevant with technology for at least few years .

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Will Online Streaming/Internet TV ever come to India?

One of the recent stats released by Comscore about Indian consumers’ browsing trend listed out were their interest in entertainment which is primarily involved in visiting video streaming sites like YouTube.This stat provides an interesting perspective on the future of Online Video Streaming services in India. Consumers if provided an option will choose for services like Netflix or Hulu if it is available in India than the conventional cable/digital tv broadcasting providers.

Source :

Though the online video streaming market is poised to surge in the following years , am still skeptic if there will be a major growth to these services since the broadband infrastructure has not penetrated the market a lot.Barring the broadband infrastructure , I do not see any reason why Online Streaming will not be preferred , thanks to pitiful state of affairs of cable tv broadcasters.

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Save webpage as pdf using Google Chrome

Very often you come across the need to save web pages for reading it later or as a proof of transaction. The simplest option available is to  save the webpage as an html page . And in other instances like payment transaction,  ticket booking confirmation etc where you normally take a screenshot,  save it as an image file or paste the screenshots into the word document .

Save WebPage as PDF Locally

Instead of  saving as an html page or taking screenshots and  storing in a word document , saving webpage as pdf  is very easy to achieve in Google Chrome. No more hassles with ‘Alt Print Screen’ or it’s equivalent in Mac book.

If you are using Chrome as your browser , it is just a few clicks away . Amit has a very nifty solution for it . Check it out. There is no need to install any chrome extension and this can be done via the inbuilt feature of Google Chrome itself .

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Local Transit Directions using Google Maps for Android

Just count the number of times you were trying to locate the nearest bus stop in a locality you were unfamiliar with or unsuccessfully trying to get bus or train routes and frequency of either of them.

Local Transit information is a feature that can be immensely useful at times like these.  Finding a local train /metro train time or nearest bus stop transit direction and their bus time for various routes will no more be a challenge, thanks to Google Maps.  It is a herculean and time consuming task to collect and manage all these information but Google is able to achieve it. Accuracy and regular updates to these transit information will be key to measuring success.

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Now Xbox Kinect suggests you the best fitting jean

With the advent of technology and new trends /innovations emerging to make  shopping a more enriching experience  , this is yet another fascinating idea.

Xbox Kinect is primarily a gaming console that was launched in the year 2010 . It was the first gaming device that featured infra red cameras and scanner to track user motion and provide feedback back to the game . Unique aspect of Kinect is that there is no physical controller – all you need is your hand to play games and voice commands to navigate .

No wonder such a brilliant idea was lapped up by consumers through out the world and it helped Kinect  set up a Guinness World record as  the fastest selling consumer device of all times beating iPhone , iPad etc.

As the device was introduced , even Microsoft did not understand the potential of the Kinect Motion Sensor and the prospect it presented was a  gold mine of opportunities.  Geeks started experimenting with various hacks using Kinect Sensor  and it slowly dawned on  Microsoft that it understood the true value of their product and hence started building an ecosystem for developers to harness the Kinect Motion Capture features and create killer kinect enabled applications . Microsoft launched  a Windows Kinect Sensor and SDK recently to the developer community as well .  So the future of various opportunities that could arise out of Kinect could trigger a sleuth of new wave of applications based on motion and voice recognition control.

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Future of Shopping with NFC

Through the last decade , there is a cosmic explosion of innovation that is happening in various areas especially with telecom and smartphones.Consumers are bombarded with new technologies that make our lives easier and better . Inspite of this ,our shopping experiences have more or less been the same . There is hardly any significant change in our shopping behavior for quite some time  .

Even though online shopping is slowly emerging , still many of us would love to feel the product before buying it . Shopping is not just about getting the best price , it is also about the personal experience that connects  you with the product emotionally .User engagement is very low and shopping experience is still disconnected and the best of both online and offline shopping is not available as a whole.

Shopping is widely considered a stress buster , but it can be hectic and frustrating if one cannot buy what they wanted . Let us concentrate on the primary issues that one may encounter while do a shopping and see how emerging technologies can be applied it each scenarios .Some suggestions may be futuristic , it may take time for mass spread adoption . But a  little understanding and awareness of how future technologies can enhance our  360 degree shopping experiences will go a long way in embracing them as soon as they arrive at the market place.

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You may be hacked just for fun

Every now and then , we come across news about big software systems getting hacked – be it the Sony PlayStation or LinkedIn or other popular consumer focussed services  .  As a commoner  , our reaction could be : Well ,I am not that important or worthy enough to be hacked for , I do not have any critical information on my email or any other online systems.

That’s a fair assumption to make . Who would try to hack a commoner like us .

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Google Search Olympics Knowledge Graph is Impressive

You would have probably heard or  seen the Google Knowledge Graph . For starters, what this Knowledge Graph does is provide users with relevant info about search terms in right side of the page where usually the sponsored results would be displayed .

Say if you search for a place or popular personality , relevant info from wiki and other news sources will be displayed in a small box in right side of search results.

But this Knowledge Graph has gone to a whole new level with Olympics 2012.

Search ‘Olympics’ in Google search box and hit enter . In the search results right side , you can see a whole lot of information and real time updates from Google Knowledge Graph.

This article has written about this Olympics Knowledge Graph comprehensively .

The graph gives real time updates like forthcoming schedule , medals tally , results and few other information that every one of us like to know.

And finally they did the obvious , promote Google+ towards the end with  a link to Olympics 2012 Google+ page.

This Knowledge Graph has the potential to make a lot of  websites redundant and reduce it’s site traffic  if implemented extensively , for instance wiki , imdb to name a few.

Google Glass Project – Defining post smartphone era ?

The ultimate goal of technology is to make our lives easier.

Let us take a minute to think about the small problems we face in our daily life . Or let us not call it problems but instances where technology could improve our way of life.

Consider the following scenarios :

1.Finding a restaurant ?

Even though we have navigation and GPS system in our smartphones our life is still not that easy . Our interaction with the map or navigation system through another medium has got its set of limitations. For example, while walking down the street in search of a coffee shop that serves some delicious muffin, we often have to walk with our smartphone in hand . There is a constant interaction between the location, smartphone and you .

Now imagine you carrying a luggage or you have your baby in your arms – would a smart phone be of help with your hands already occupied?

May be a voice guided search and navigation can help .But in case of a busy street hustling with activity, you cannot talk into the smartphone. May be you need a hands free or blue tooth headset . This results in interaction between four elements now-the location ,smartphone ,headset and finally you. The more the number of elements in the interaction , the more complex it becomes .

If we take into account , the blind or elderly or the physically challenged , the challenge becomes more complex and even harder to solve. Some of them may require a voice guided navigation while some of them require visual navigation.

How nice would it be if all these problems could be solved by a single device that is less obtrusive between you and the things that really matter ?

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