Re-Imagining Phone Contacts for Smartphones

Imagine you are stranded on the road due to a problem with your car. You pick up your smartphone , find the customer care number of your car maker and dial it.How will you feel when the response is  ‘number does not exist ‘ or ‘number not in use’.


Yes , the customer care  number is changed but as a customer you do not have an update. Then you have to google search for latest customer care number and then try to establish a contact provided there is a data connectivity available for search. It’s perfectly fine when your friend has changed the number but not updated you about it. But with business , it is not the same . Remember Customer is Boss.

Right now , phone contacts pretty much remain static and dumb. There is facebook or gmail integration but people rarely update their contact numbers in social networking sites due to privacy concerns.

But with business, they need to be think about how to maintain the existing or new relationship efficiently.A customer who buys your product and stores the customer service contact number is a privilege for any business and this relationship has to be properly maintained. So when there is any update to contact information , it must reach users properly so that next time when a business is about to happen again , the experience is seamless for customer.

Auto updating Business Phone contacts

Currently saving contacts in phone is a manual process. But it would be great if process is optimized. Imagine you want to store the number of a certain shop or business , all the business needs to show the customer with smart phone is a OCR bar code. Scan it and boom , the contact is stored. No big deal.

But how about the contacts getting updated automatically when ever there is a change in contact information like number or shop address? That would be super cool right ? This contact has to be lightweight and not data intensive . This type of innovation will help to go the extra mile and retain business.

Facebook or Twitter like action into contacts

You like a restaurant nearby and hence like it in Facebook. How about this action will trigger a business card that can be stored in  phone contact ? This contact has to be extra smart and help to download relevant info based on your current city only.

This kind of nifty functionalities cannot be implemented stand alone by business alone but has to be engrained on OS level so that experience and auto updating is seamless. I wish Android makes Contact Details app more dynamic , user-friendly and provide ability to auto update .

Android , are you listening ?


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