Need for Single Unified Digital Content Distribution Model

Being in India and wanting to watch content produced in Hollywood was a big deal a decade back.It would take ages for critically acclaimed movies to be ever released in India.But now market is now ripe and a lot of Hollywood movies are now getting released in India as part of world-wide release.


Thanks to growth of multiplex and audience preference to watch some thing different from local regional content,Hollywood movies especially the big budget sequels and action movies enjoy a lot of popularity.

Distributing content in India – English Movies vs English Shows

The popularity of Hollywood movie is at an all time high.But the same cannot be said of English content in Indian TV.It does not stop with Hollywood but with content produced in any part of the world.If you are an avid visitor of IMDB and check the top rated  TV shows for the year,most of them would never had premiered in Indian television.

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Why Facebook Deals can still work?

If you are a Facebook addict , by this time you must have been frustrated by the increase in the number of sponsored stories and posts that is spamming your news feed .

To be fair to Facebook, it needs to make money since it is a publicly trading company. With the launch of Facebook gifts for certain countries , it is getting some traction as well by means of earning commission .

But the often repeated question that I ask myself is why Facebook is still harnessing the Location Based Services to its fullest extend. Though there is an option to check in via Facebook and a lot of user-generated data is available, it surprises me as to why Facebook is not getting into deals that could help both Facebook as well the end users.

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How Big Data helped Obama win US Presidential Election 2012 ?

You may have seen the movie MoneyBall where in a baseball team that is running short of revenue could not compete with other teams that has overflowing capital.Brad Pitt being the under dog team’s coach work along with a statistician who provides valuable insights by means of data and statistics as to which combination of  players when purchased could help them in winning  matches.

And in the end,the underdog team triumphs.This is based on a true story and shows the power of data – Big data and how when synthesized well could prove to be a crucial factor to winning games.

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Future of Connected car

Connected Car – you get the idea instantly , a car that is connected to the internet and can use them to provide relevant contextual  information to the users . There are some attempts that have been made in past in this area .One of the most significant development was pioneered by Ford Sync in collaboration with Microsoft for voice recognition, navigation and some streaming apps like Pandora developed for purpose of streaming music by connecting to a smart phone.

Ford Sync has now been installed in over 5 million vehicles exclusively on Ford  over a period of 5 years .Though the growth in this area is not that remarkable, it has prompted other auto manufacturers to come up with their own standards . As a result , this whole connected car is kind of fragmented with the manufacturer’s own implementation that cannot be extended outside.

Most connected car definition pertains to getting connected to the internet , access social networking sites and maps information.

Google Self Driving car


Google’s self driving car  that is doing some serious mile crunching in US after getting real driving license actually uses Google’s Street View and maps information through the cloud to process the live camera and drive accordingly.Still there are no clear information as to how the implementation is being carried . Moreover there is no road map as such on whether will there be any android involvement that could make some sort of unified implementation with other manufacturers as well.

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