Few years back Nokia was the leader in mobile phones in India but now it’s struggling to get back into business and keep up with the competition.

Google , essentially an internet company ,is worth 100 billion dollars and is bigger than the sum of many companies like GM, Sony etc  put together.

Want to watch any movie , any tv show , everything is available online. Want to shop any new product , it’s available online. Watch any latest news happening around , it’s available online.

We are living in a flat world and this is the age of Digital Consumers , who in their own way , dictate what they want , how they want and the business are struggling to keep up with the demands of these  consumers .

In this blog , i will share my thoughts on how Digital Consumers change the market place at a whole new level , their ways of interacting with the web and how the business are impacted by these new ways of consuming content.

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