Evolution of Television/DTH Industry in India

There has been explosion of growth in  television/DTH space in India. Thanks to digitization,industry is getting matured from being a monopoly,cable owned service  to satellite services providers (DTH – Direct To Home) that uses latest technologies to provide High Definition (HD) content and VOD (Video On Demand) services.

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TV shows coming exclusively to Netflix for binge viewing.Future of TV ?

You may have read the news about the world premiere of a new TV show ‘House of Cards‘ available exclusively on Netflix. It is a first-rate show produced by Netflix with a list of A starers like Kevin Spacey playing the lead role and directed by the critically acclaimed David Flincher .The icing on the cake is  that the mini tv series is available for binge viewing i.e.  all the 12 episodes of Season 1 are available  at one shot for viewing in Netflix.

Binge viewing is the concept of watching back to back episodes of a TV show over an extended period of time for people who cannot figure out time to watch one episode a week. This is an established way of watching TV series, mostly re-runs that are normally watched over a lazy weekend with the help of DVD set or through internet streaming services.

This path breaking step of Netflix could be either end up as a game changer thereby  posing a great threat to traditional tv broadcasting or could end up as an experiment that may not be continued due to financial viability or distribution complexities etc.

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Need for Single Unified Digital Content Distribution Model

Being in India and wanting to watch content produced in Hollywood was a big deal a decade back.It would take ages for critically acclaimed movies to be ever released in India.But now market is now ripe and a lot of Hollywood movies are now getting released in India as part of world-wide release.


Thanks to growth of multiplex and audience preference to watch some thing different from local regional content,Hollywood movies especially the big budget sequels and action movies enjoy a lot of popularity.

Distributing content in India – English Movies vs English Shows

The popularity of Hollywood movie is at an all time high.But the same cannot be said of English content in Indian TV.It does not stop with Hollywood but with content produced in any part of the world.If you are an avid visitor of IMDB and check the top rated  TV shows for the year,most of them would never had premiered in Indian television.

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How to choose a Smart Internet TV?

You have been looking for that one super cool smart tv for so long and you are in the final stages of deciding to buy a TV . There are a lot of feature comparison that you would have made on different TV and their features and specifications . While most  mainly concentrate on Display , Sound quality , myths about LED vs LCD vs Plasma and whether smart tv are that smart , you may need to check if your new tv  has really smart  features that will help you connect to internet easily and make your streaming  easy in such a way that it is relevant with technology for at least few years .

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Will Online Streaming/Internet TV ever come to India?

One of the recent stats released by Comscore about Indian consumers’ browsing trend listed out were their interest in entertainment which is primarily involved in visiting video streaming sites like YouTube.This stat provides an interesting perspective on the future of Online Video Streaming services in India. Consumers if provided an option will choose for services like Netflix or Hulu if it is available in India than the conventional cable/digital tv broadcasting providers.

Source : Sanki.in

Though the online video streaming market is poised to surge in the following years , am still skeptic if there will be a major growth to these services since the broadband infrastructure has not penetrated the market a lot.Barring the broadband infrastructure , I do not see any reason why Online Streaming will not be preferred , thanks to pitiful state of affairs of cable tv broadcasters.

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