Evolution of Television/DTH Industry in India

There has been explosion of growth in  television/DTH space in India. Thanks to digitization,industry is getting matured from being a monopoly,cable owned service  to satellite services providers (DTH – Direct To Home) that uses latest technologies to provide High Definition (HD) content and VOD (Video On Demand) services.

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Apple iPhone Announcement and how world reacted to it

By this time ,a billion posts would have been made about new iPhone announcement and analyzing every bit of even remotely minute information.

So this is just to relax.


WWDC: iOS6 showcased

  • OS looks so stale , nothing refreshing! It always show a bright 73  C .
  • No widgets,no live tiles ,no improvement to notifications ?
  • Android miles ahead. Has Apple lost mojo ? Why they have not tried anything new in last few years.
  • Apple has grown too large that it is afraid to fail and is following the ‘why fix when nothing is broken’ strategy.
  • Skeuomorphism  is so over rated, Windows flat design is the future.
  • No big innovation


WWDC: iOS7 showcased

  • Oh my god ,colors are too bright and playful for my taste. iOS7 is gay cousin of iOS6?
  • They have stretched flat design too much.
  • Those icons look really bad , they should go back to old icons.
  • All those people who are used to earlier OS will find it very difficult to learn this hideous flat design.
  • iOS playing catch up
  • No big innovation

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Hyperloop – next major step in transportation ?

Most of you may know about Elon Musk , the innovator and founder of popular companies like PayPal, Space X and the awesome Tesla Motors that manufactures electric cars that has great performance and has given mild jitters for companies like BMW.

He is back with his next big project : HyperLoop – a project that will make travel at speeds of 600 miles per hour possible.Still it is very early to talk about feasibility of project , the idea speculated here  sounds so daunting and incredible as well.

Elon Musk is Tony Stark , no doubt! 


If you can’t beat ’em, support ’em: Garmin launches a smartphone HUD for cars

Heads Up Display(HUD) for Navigation is a really cool idea that is not yet explored well by many car companies. And now Garmin, the maker of navigation system who is under severe pressure from mobile platforms in navigation space is coming up with this innovative idea.This is certainly a good step towards product differentiation !


Facing the rise of smartphones that can take the place of dedicated navigation systems, Garmin’s(s grmn) got a new device: and this one works with handsets. On Monday, the company announced the $129.99 HUD, a portable heads-up display for cars. With a compatible Garmin or Navigon mobile app, the HUD projects driving directions right on a vehicle’s windshield.

It’s a smart move by Garmin. If you can’t sell as many dedicated in-car nav systems to consumers, why not sell an add-on that makes your mobile app that much better? For the price, HUD appears to offer quite a bit of useful functionality:

“HUD offers more navigation details than other portable head-up displays, yet presents them in a simplified way that doesn’t divert the driver’s attention from the road. The directions are easy to follow and allow drivers to navigate even the most challenging interchanges and traffic situations with ease.

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Two things ‘Google Now’ can do for India?

If you are using Google Now in India , you would have discovered by now that the use cases for Google Now is minimal.Though public transit information – bus and train timings are pretty decent and works well, the live traffic data as claimed by Google is not pretty accurate. It is calculated based on historical data available.

Weather information in India is good but it is not that much of a priority as people don’t check the weather every day to see if it would snow or rain – it’s always hot in this tropical country. Checking to see if it would be 35 C or 38 C does not make much sense.

Also have you received any movie or train or air tickets as a pop up in Google Now at all ? These features work only in US and few other countries I guess. To make Google Now more relevant for local population since India is a huge market for Android, Google should delegate the work of figuring out what is relevant to respective countries’  Google office since natives of the land would be well informed.

What can Google India do for Google Now ?

1.Manual Traffic Updates:

Google Maps calculate live traffic based on the GPS signals available in smartphones  from users and few other signals as well , aggregate and then compute the traffic and it is based on historical data collected over a period of time.It is  not helping live traffic. With the acquisition of Waze, Google should now should follow a similar idea of crowdsourcing traffic information and  allow users to manually update on traffic status in case of traffic jam. It should be like :  Just open Google Now, report traffic and with GPS on , it is easy.It will be bit tricky to filter inaccuracies but again its better than historical data.

2. IRCTC/Book my show or Red Bus e-tickets as alerts .

IRCTC ,Book My Show and Red Bus are some of widely used services by people in India. e-Tickets is well received and is adopted by mainstream consumers and service alike. This is why Gmail should be able to  parse  these mails and Google Now should use them effectively for remainders /tickets instead of we searching through our heap of sms or emails during the time of travel when it is most needed .

Even more awesome would be if Google is able to build a xml format  so that third-party services that sends e-tickets in emails can stick to that format and Google Now can use them effectively ,an idea similar to Passbook for iOS would be a good place to start with.

Google , are you listening?

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Use Google Person Finder to track victims during Crisis/Disasters

Last few weeks have been nightmare for many people in India who were struck in Uttarakhand floods and not able to connect with their families. Though Social Media sprung quick into action to help by sharing photos and names of person missing , helping to connect with their families ,the information is spread out in disparate sources.

Individual agencies,NGOs’ ,local authorities and Governments are maintaining their own database of information on people missing or found that it becomes increasingly difficult to check all these disparate sources for information.

Added to these , news agencies started requesting for information and it becomes a nightmare for anxious families to keep track of the number of sources in which they have to constantly monitor for updates.

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Digital Consumers turns 1 …

Today by a chance encounter , I checked the date of my first blog post – it was on 19 th June ,2012. So this blog has completed one year and so far I have written 37 posts totally.

I was not sure why I wanted to write this blog in first place. I had this idea in my mind and I thought I can give it a try. Results have been pretty mixed I should say. I was not very focused on this blog as my attention span has come down to a few seconds. I find making short observations on social media sites more easy and comfortable than writing a blog.

Blogging is a pain , especially after putting lot of effort into drafting  a post only to find that at end that is  not  up to the mark. Some times those kind of post stay in drafts and at other times , I shamelessly hit the Publish button without feeling guilty.

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It’s not Apple, but Google, the most valuable tech company on planet

In early 2000, Google was nothing more than  an internet company that specialized in search. Later it ventured into Google Maps and Earth.Few years later , Google bought Android and started fighting with most of tech companies on all front – with Apple for mobile ecosystem supremacy , with Facebook and Twitter for social networking and with host of providers like Amazon,iTunes for digital content.


It was like equals or competitors to each of big tech industry players and it was mostly on digital and internet space. But for last few years , Google has embarked on some thing more daring and ambitious with the launch of Google X , a secret lab where  some projects that are crazy enough are being dreamt , designed and tested with Sergey Brin (one of the founders of Google ) at the helm . These projects that could alter and change of way we live.

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Re-thinking fine dining experience

There are few innovations that are currently being rolled out in fine dining space such as booking seats in advance and managing good set of content on the restaurant website. But what about the experience once the customer reaches the restaurant ? What kind of experience that can really wow the customer ?

Automated Food ordering through tablet

1.Interactive UI for exploring the menu using tablets

Visualizing the dish

Whenever i visit a new restaurant and browse through the menu , i find dishes whose names are very difficult to comprehend and come to a conclusion as to what this dish is all about.  It is always a good idea to provide actual pictures on how the dish would look like giving an idea whether it is served dry or curry etc.

Is that quantity enough for 2 or 4 ?

While ordering food , am not also not sure about the quantity that will be served as it differs from place to place and also depending on cost. This will make me conscious not to order too much. So what could be done is that a picture when taken with the actual quantity in a proper bowl will add value so that we can order food based on the quantity . It will also give a chance to people to order more than one dish since they are sure about the quantity. In some instances , i have ordered food and found the quantity to be less but would not order anything else due to time constraints. This could help in this aspect.

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TV shows coming exclusively to Netflix for binge viewing.Future of TV ?

You may have read the news about the world premiere of a new TV show ‘House of Cards‘ available exclusively on Netflix. It is a first-rate show produced by Netflix with a list of A starers like Kevin Spacey playing the lead role and directed by the critically acclaimed David Flincher .The icing on the cake is  that the mini tv series is available for binge viewing i.e.  all the 12 episodes of Season 1 are available  at one shot for viewing in Netflix.

Binge viewing is the concept of watching back to back episodes of a TV show over an extended period of time for people who cannot figure out time to watch one episode a week. This is an established way of watching TV series, mostly re-runs that are normally watched over a lazy weekend with the help of DVD set or through internet streaming services.

This path breaking step of Netflix could be either end up as a game changer thereby  posing a great threat to traditional tv broadcasting or could end up as an experiment that may not be continued due to financial viability or distribution complexities etc.

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