Save webpage as pdf using Google Chrome

Very often you come across the need to save web pages for reading it later or as a proof of transaction. The simplest option available is to  save the webpage as an html page . And in other instances like payment transaction,  ticket booking confirmation etc where you normally take a screenshot,  save it as an image file or paste the screenshots into the word document .

Save WebPage as PDF Locally

Instead of  saving as an html page or taking screenshots and  storing in a word document , saving webpage as pdf  is very easy to achieve in Google Chrome. No more hassles with ‘Alt Print Screen’ or it’s equivalent in Mac book.

If you are using Chrome as your browser , it is just a few clicks away . Amit has a very nifty solution for it . Check it out. There is no need to install any chrome extension and this can be done via the inbuilt feature of Google Chrome itself .

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How to set up your new Android Smart Phone ?

After researching and getting confused a lot, by means of  reading reviews , friends opinion and hands on video , you have finally settled on an Android smartphone. Believe me , there is no one best smartphone available in the market . It’s just a matter of what you really want from the phone – features that really matter to you and then choosing within your budget.

Always keep in mind : Your girl friend and mobile are just the same , if you wait for some more time , you will get a better choice  🙂

In this post , I will share with you few tips on getting started with using your android smart phone for the initial few weeks . Read On ..

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