It’s not Apple, but Google, the most valuable tech company on planet

In early 2000, Google was nothing more than  an internet company that specialized in search. Later it ventured into Google Maps and Earth.Few years later , Google bought Android and started fighting with most of tech companies on all front – with Apple for mobile ecosystem supremacy , with Facebook and Twitter for social networking and with host of providers like Amazon,iTunes for digital content.


It was like equals or competitors to each of big tech industry players and it was mostly on digital and internet space. But for last few years , Google has embarked on some thing more daring and ambitious with the launch of Google X , a secret lab where  some projects that are crazy enough are being dreamt , designed and tested with Sergey Brin (one of the founders of Google ) at the helm . These projects that could alter and change of way we live.

It has to  also noted that Google Fibre , the Gigabyte broad band service is already creating ripples in market by offering incredible broad band speeds  and competitors are reacting in haste.

Google X and beyond

And with Google X projects like Google Self Driving Car and Google Glass , it is pushing the envelope of technology innovation and craziness.Google recently launched a new project called Project Loon that is aimed at providing internet access by sending balloons in atmosphere and using them to provide internet to developing countries that does not have good infrastructure for internet access.While this looks like a crazy idea , one gets the idea that Google is not afraid to experiment and is willing to fail.

All these new projects are not mere internet related but it ventures more into core of engineering. They are all physically demanding and capital-intensive but only goal is to dream and innovate.Google founder Larry Page during his recent speech in Google I/O has claimed that there are so many restrictions and processes in real world that is hampering growth of incredible ideas and wishes there be a separate place on the planet where they can try out crazy projects and develop an ecosystem over that. It’s craziness over top right ? That is what Google is right now.

While Apple is giving too much  attention to deciding design and user interface and is very specific about  the color of icons , here is a company that is daring and happy to fail.

No wonder , Google should be most valued tech company on planet!


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