Digital Consumers turns 1 …

Today by a chance encounter , I checked the date of my first blog post – it was on 19 th June ,2012. So this blog has completed one year and so far I have written 37 posts totally.

I was not sure why I wanted to write this blog in first place. I had this idea in my mind and I thought I can give it a try. Results have been pretty mixed I should say. I was not very focused on this blog as my attention span has come down to a few seconds. I find making short observations on social media sites more easy and comfortable than writing a blog.

Blogging is a pain , especially after putting lot of effort into drafting  a post only to find that at end that is  not  up to the mark. Some times those kind of post stay in drafts and at other times , I shamelessly hit the Publish button without feeling guilty.

Some thoughts/observations:

  • This blog was started without a clear idea of what I wanted to do really write. I really wanted to cover topic related to Technology in general with more focus of All things Digital.
  • Over a period of time , the relation between the blog title,tag line  and what I write about makes little sense to me . Only connection that I could make it out is that people read this blog through gadgets digitally . So people ‘Digitally Consume’ this blog.
  • Have  kept the look and feel to bare minimum without flashy colors and templates . Some people suggested me to improve look and feel but I have refrained from making any major changes so far , blame my laziness.
  • One thing I succeeded so far when I started blogging was not to make this a yet another blog that  races to  publish stories whenever a new mobile or gadget is released or to cover day-to-day stories or write some ‘how-to-do-something’ or ‘tutorial’ because they are covered else where. Down side is posting frequency is very less since I write about some thing only when am really interested or feel compelled to.
  • Blog traffic is very low . Other than referrers from social media sites post sharing , goggle search traffic is very low.Only one post had decent traffic so far. Decision to stick to topics which I feel like writing vs traffic some times discourages me to write but I kept doing one post a month at least.
  • Most of my posts are pretty long – as I start to write , it becomes unmanageable at times. I should reduce the length as I myself feel not compelled to read them post blogging .
  • Reviewing aspect post writing is not some thing I’m good at.Even during my school days , I do not review my answer sheet after finishing it even  if I had all the time in world. Same thing is carried over here. Bad habits. As a result of this , some times the language and grammar goes for a toss but I do not have patience to review it but hit publish. Spell check is the maximum review I have done so far.

So let me know what do you think about the blog – content , structure and writing .What do you think are the blog’s strength and weakness ?  Your honest opinion will help in giving some energy to continue writing.

Here’s to one year of blogging 🙂


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