Dear Mobile Carriers, Voice is Dead,Data is the future

Dear Carriers, Come what may – Customer is always the boss. Listen to your customer and save millions on consulting fees.This is 101 basics on managing and engaging customer.

Airtel ,a major player in India is currently re-structuring their business and know what , they are making it customer centric .Quoting from the article

This new vision, outlined till 2015, has seen Bharti erect a new organizational structure that pivots around the consumer, not its many businesses.

Then what the hell were you doing for the past 10 years being in business ? You paid some consultancy millions of dollars to understand what is your problem when in reality your  customer is running behing the customer care  through mails and in social networks crying out  for help.

Voice is Dead , Data is the Future

It is weird but the present generation will not use phones to make voice calls any more. You have cap on sms limit  ? People are using FB chat , iMessage , BBM or other chat platform to text each other while you are busy sorting out intelligent sms plans for local , national and international.


Understand technology  landscape and how fast it is changing: Repeat after me : Voice is dead , Data is the new ‘in thing’. So stop playing cheap tricks . When most of us do not require 500 free voice mins. a month , you provide this offer . And people want to use data but you restrict them with pricey plans.

Have you ever thought about users who want minimum voice and more data ? This is what Amazon has to say on buying their tablets : “We want to make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices.”

 Earn your profit when customer use your service and is really benefitted rather than trying to fleece customers for the service people hardly use.

In this day of Skype , Google  chat/hang out and other video chat, people have already or slowly migrating to cheaper free technology . You can no longer charge people for expensive ISD or STD calls.

Be Flexible

As a customer , I pay a bomb for broad band and in addition to that subscribe to data plans.So think for the customer and why they require data and how they want to use it .

Provide flexible plans. If a post paid user chooses a fixed data plan for a month and due to reasons of  travelling needs more data usage for that month alone ,be rational with your add on plans.Do not be a moron and try to squeeze the hell out of a customer.

Customer Service

It does not matter to me as a customer : Airtel Broadband , Airtel Digital TV and AirTel Pre-paid or Post paid are all one and same to me when I want to get my queries resolved,all i need is to call one number to sort out the issue. Do not give me alternate number to dial up within your internal business units.

After waiting in queue for a long time to talk to the customer service guy ,2 mins into the call if the call gets dropped, please call back the customer. That is basic courtesy.

If I want to stop paper bills  that can save your operational costs , keep the process simple.Last but not the least,pay your call center guys well and ensure there is quality – they need to make sense when speaking to customers.Your customer service is what the customer is interested,not your high glossy advts. that makes false claims of service that is nowhere in existence in real life.

These are not break through revolution but  minimal expected levels of customer service.Reason why people stick to your service even though it is pathetic is because we have no other choice. But this will not go on for long.

You can choose to ignore all these but what you need to realize is that your road to going out of business is shorter than you think.


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