Local Transit Directions using Google Maps for Android

Just count the number of times you were trying to locate the nearest bus stop in a locality you were unfamiliar with or unsuccessfully trying to get bus or train routes and frequency of either of them.

Local Transit information is a feature that can be immensely useful at times like these.  Finding a local train /metro train time or nearest bus stop transit direction and their bus time for various routes will no more be a challenge, thanks to Google Maps.  It is a herculean and time consuming task to collect and manage all these information but Google is able to achieve it. Accuracy and regular updates to these transit information will be key to measuring success.

Train and Bus Schedules 

Local Train Timings 

Local Bus Routes and Timings

Another feature is that the maps now display geographic  boundaries for specific areas so that it gives an idea on the vastness of the area that we are searching for.

And now even Google Local and Google Latitude is all integrated into Maps and can be accessed via easy navigation

Another interesting aspect of Google Maps is addition of Location History. If ‘Location’ is turned on and check in is made via maps, all our location history can be easily accessed date wise and all it takes is  a scroll to navigate between various dates so we can navigate to a previous location easily.

Also if you have missed the feature to download maps offline for specific cities or areas , do it now. Offline maps will be a great boon and will be useful when there is no network coverage.

All these new features are available for major metros in India and is available for Android OS only . iOS has ditched Google maps recently and is now missing out on all these features.

Google Maps has now come up with this host of features that could make local transit ever better. All you need to do is download the latest update of Google Maps from PlayStore and get ready to explore.


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