Now Xbox Kinect suggests you the best fitting jean

With the advent of technology and new trends /innovations emerging to make  shopping a more enriching experience  , this is yet another fascinating idea.

Xbox Kinect is primarily a gaming console that was launched in the year 2010 . It was the first gaming device that featured infra red cameras and scanner to track user motion and provide feedback back to the game . Unique aspect of Kinect is that there is no physical controller – all you need is your hand to play games and voice commands to navigate .

No wonder such a brilliant idea was lapped up by consumers through out the world and it helped Kinect  set up a Guinness World record as  the fastest selling consumer device of all times beating iPhone , iPad etc.

As the device was introduced , even Microsoft did not understand the potential of the Kinect Motion Sensor and the prospect it presented was a  gold mine of opportunities.  Geeks started experimenting with various hacks using Kinect Sensor  and it slowly dawned on  Microsoft that it understood the true value of their product and hence started building an ecosystem for developers to harness the Kinect Motion Capture features and create killer kinect enabled applications . Microsoft launched  a Windows Kinect Sensor and SDK recently to the developer community as well .  So the future of various opportunities that could arise out of Kinect could trigger a sleuth of new wave of applications based on motion and voice recognition control.

Kinect Motion Sensor in Shopping 

As you step into a store for shopping , each and every brand has it very own design and standard measurement. One size and model do not fit every body . It becomes  a tedious process to try out various models and finally settle with what suits us better .

But this tedious process is all set to change now . Now you can find the jean that fits your body to a ‘T’ without trying it. Thanks to innovative companies like BodyMetrics and promising startup Styku , you can find the perfect jean using a Virtual Dressing Room. What these companies do is basically scan the customer’s body using the Kinect scanning sensors . Both BodyMetrics as well as Styku use the Kinect Sensor to scan a 3D body profile .

Generating 3D  Body Profile using Kinect  Sensor Scanning

Scanning is done in specially setup trial rooms where various Kinect Sensors are placed so as to get an accurate 3D body measurement . Styku doesn’t stop with scanning the profile . It’s  parent company is actually involved in designing of apparels for long time and hence they do have access to full catalog of Computer Aided Drawing( CAD) for all their dresses with measurements for different styles as well.

Once the profile is scanned and sent to the iPad , you can browse through various dresses, pick the ones you like and apply it to your body profile . It will give a realistic view of how it fits you. Here comes the icing on the cake – this application gives a heatmap  showing how well the dress fits you say,  medium, tight fit, loose fit etc. You can thus check various sizes and pick your best fit without queueing to the trial room .

Next video also shows a Kinect game like User Interface with heatmap on the television  .

Awesome right ?

Currently BodyMetrics have tied up with few shops in US of A and UK for providing this feature while Styku will be rolling out their services shortly.

Applying this to eCommerce

In future , we may even be able to scan our profile from the convenience of our living room through Kinect Sensor. There are possibilities out there that can help in   online shopping pretty easily without having to worry if the size fits perfectly and reduces the hassle of sending back clothes that do not fit you.

Interesting times ahead both for shoppers and Kinect as a motion sensing platform.


11 thoughts on “Now Xbox Kinect suggests you the best fitting jean

  1. The Maestro says:

    This is pretty cool, thanks for the link.

    It looks like you can do almost anything with the Kinect and it would make online shopping easier. I see so many neat sweaters on Amazon but I’m always afraid to order them because the sizes might be wrong.

    • dinakaranonline says:

      Oh yeah , Kinect is emerging as a motion sensor platform . Expect so many possibilities for online shopping options in future : )

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