Google Glass Project – Defining post smartphone era ?

The ultimate goal of technology is to make our lives easier.

Let us take a minute to think about the small problems we face in our daily life . Or let us not call it problems but instances where technology could improve our way of life.

Consider the following scenarios :

1.Finding a restaurant ?

Even though we have navigation and GPS system in our smartphones our life is still not that easy . Our interaction with the map or navigation system through another medium has got its set of limitations. For example, while walking down the street in search of a coffee shop that serves some delicious muffin, we often have to walk with our smartphone in hand . There is a constant interaction between the location, smartphone and you .

Now imagine you carrying a luggage or you have your baby in your arms – would a smart phone be of help with your hands already occupied?

May be a voice guided search and navigation can help .But in case of a busy street hustling with activity, you cannot talk into the smartphone. May be you need a hands free or blue tooth headset . This results in interaction between four elements now-the location ,smartphone ,headset and finally you. The more the number of elements in the interaction , the more complex it becomes .

If we take into account , the blind or elderly or the physically challenged , the challenge becomes more complex and even harder to solve. Some of them may require a voice guided navigation while some of them require visual navigation.

How nice would it be if all these problems could be solved by a single device that is less obtrusive between you and the things that really matter ?

2.Capturing and Sharing precious moments

Smartphone cameras have displaced point and shoot camera as the emerging way of capturing memories . The selling point is it’s shoot any time any where since the phone is always available with you and to share it.

It’s really tough to predict magical moments – microseconds of baby smile or gracious landing off a bird etc. But even with smartphones , there are still ways of improving this whole experience of our interaction with the Gods’s smallest yet awesome creation and appreciate his attention to detail in a manner that make these moments magical .

There are two things involved here :

a.Capturing that magical moment

Moment people take their cameras out , they miss out on so many other amazing things around them. They become slave of small finder and miss the finer more simple but amazing things in life.

In short , enjoying  a moment and capturing them are mutually exclusive.

b.Sharing instantaneously

Sharing is caring and it makes more sense when it is done is done instantly without ruining the excitement. Our lives are moving so fast that we rarely share with others  our good memories .Our current modes of sharing is again not ideal. As explained earlier , there is a layer of technology that sits in-between your and your friends or relatives. This could be your smartphone or pc or tablet.

Wish life was more simpler.

Welcome Google Glass

And here comes the Google Glass . Mind you , it’s a product that is in it’s infancy stage but could trigger a whole new revolution on how information could change our daily life digitally.

So how does it look actually ? Futuristic right ,straight from the world of sci-fi movies !

So this is how our interaction may look in future

Pretty cool right ? You see , the whole digital interaction is taken to an all new level .

One of the awesome feature that this glass could also provide is a cool perspective onto things which we may fail to appreciate and more importantly real time.

How about capturing those amazing moments of your baby smiling or walking for the first time ?

or How about some kick ass perspective into sky diving like this

If you think this is a PR rubbish , check out the real live demo that was provided in Google conference few weeks back.

It doesn’t just end with videos but some amazing pictures (cool perspectives) taken out of Google Glass project 

Google Glass in Real Life

So the possibilities are out there in the open. A glimpse on how Google Glass could be used in real life is explained pretty clearly in this  info graphic on glass . Source 


Though we do not have information on the hardware used , let’s look how existing technology has contributed to the project ?

1.Android OS : Google glass is powered by Android OS . This could provide a whole lot of opportunities for developers to create killer apps using the technology.

2.Hangs Out on Air: How to broadcast live video for sharing through Glass. This amazing feature of ‘Hangs Out on Air’ technology is obviously used .

3.Learnings from Google Now and Voice Based Search also should have been obviously used to search and also get real time automated info.

It all boils down to Privacy !

Now comes the obvious and most important concern : Privacy issues .Stalking can become more prevalent in public and we may soon be able to see some body and pull up their whole information based on image recognition technology and even load their relationship status to see if they are available.

That’s sort of really creepy . A 8 minute short film on such futuristic technology  nails the issue pretty much that we face in future with such technology. Source

So the future looks really positive . As they say, Google Glass was not a built in a day. I would rather call it a journey and could well mark yet another revolution after smartphone in digital technology . Year 2012 has been the year of Google and to me , they are now the coolest technology company on earth.

Get that Google Glass quick , I say !


13 thoughts on “Google Glass Project – Defining post smartphone era ?

  1. Saurabh says:

    Pretty impressive content dina, this all looks fine as far as the blog is about how this gonna make life easier, but what about technology stack involved in Google glass.
    This complete concept is based on augmented reality, this concept came in 2010, since then it changed the way our camera look at the things, Google it u will be amazed what it can do
    I developed one android application using this for my company 😀

  2. dinakaranonline says:

    Thanks Saurabh , glad you liked it 🙂

    As i mentioned in my post , the technology stack is not clear nor the hardware . Augmented Reality has been there for quite some time but still Google has the potential to take it mainstream into consumer electronics , if at all they succeed !

    I’m interested in checking out your android application . Please give me the details 🙂


  3. Nona says:

    Thanks for your time for writing “Google Glass Project
    – Defining post smartphone era ? Digital Consumers” everybodywasfeelingfine .
    I reallymight definitely wind up being back again for much more reading and commenting soon enough.
    Thank you, Denny

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